Economic Integration Should Remain A Goal For Africa: Lessons From The (Dis)Integrating EU

This post was written by Mary-Jean Nleya. ♦ Before the balkanization of the African continent into arbitrary pieces, it was one vast space made up of different cultures and identities. The Berlin Conference of 1884 – 1885 resulted in random demarcations being drawn across the continent to appease the European countries’ colonial interests.… Read more »

Education policy in Namibia and beyond- Why soft skills may be having hard impacts on African development

ACN young leaders interning at CAMFED According to vision 2030, Namibia has about 15 years to become a knowledge based economy. But if the nation fails to get education policy right, the chances of realizing this vision remain slim to none, because more important than what we “know”, is how we use it.… Read more »

Leveraging Technology in the Nigerian Elections

  Source: A lot of things have evolved since the 2011 elections when Nigerian youth celebrated social media as a tool for successful elections. Technology has continued to foster government accountability, as well as active citizen participation in the country.… Read more »